Sigur Ros @ King's Theater

October 6, 2016

Had the pleasure of seeing the one and only Sigur Ros a few weeks back. Just a stunning show from start to finish. Check out this one take video I shot with my pocket camera. A little shaky at the start, but improves dramatically. Came out pretty cool after a little playing around on FCX. Sound ain't bad either. Be sure and watch it at 1080 quality for maximum pleasure. Enjoy. More videos coming soon. Stay tuned.

West Indian Day Parade

September 5, 2016

Most focus on the occasional violence related to this annual event. Did you know that between 2 and 3 million people attend? Get that many people together with alcohol and half naked woman & it's shocking there isn't more violence. When I went I had a fantastic time. The crowd was friendly, the music was thumping, the food was mouth watering, and the people marching were nothing short of beautiful. I'll be there every year from now on. Check out this gallery of shots I captured for a taste.

On Temporary Hiatus


I'm out of the office for a bit pursuing other interests. Still reading and responding to emails though. Use the contact form on the right if you have any requests, questions, or show invitations.