Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Terminal 5

When: May 4th, 2013

On Saturday night, I twisted the wick and stitched a line to Terminal 5 on Manhattan's west side.  Months ago I had impulsively plunked down the clams for a ticket to ride with BRMC.  My only knowledge of their music was a song called Red Eyes and Tears that I'd liked years ago.  That's it.  Sometimes it's fun to fly blind into a show and see what comes of it.  Unfortunately, I ended up going high side and eating asphalt from the syrupy tar snakes they oozed all over T5.  To put it bluntly, this show sucked.  The crowd was lame, the songs were repetitive, and the performance was a snoozer.  Even the light show was simplistic and unstimulating.  By a half hour in, I was on the roof deck with an IPA, listening and watching the show on the flat screen behind the bar.  After an hour, I hit the road.  What a waste of $$$  I was ready to hammer down and rip it up, but the BRMC just got on the big slab and maintained speed.  I like my sleds with the horses to pass the ton.