Metz @ Bowery Ballroom

When: April 17th, 2013

Alex Edkins, the lead guitarist and singer of Metz from Toronto (Canada again!), told Pitchfork in an interview that they try to make everything they do redline.  I'd say they're succeeding.  Their self titled debut album which came out in October of 2012 is a truly epic record.  They scream and thrash the whole way without letting up.  It's a barrage of heavyweight haymakers that smacks you out of your digital stupor and may incite you to start smashing stuff, and I mean that in the best way.  Their no holds barred attack is truly a breath of foul air in an overly subdued musical landscape.  If you're into punk, hardcore, or anything with a racing pulse, Metz is out to give you a fix.  After a numbingly dull week of work, I couldn't wait to see these guys.

The opener was another small group of loud Canadians named Odonis Odonis.  Their brand of melded shoegaze, industrial, and garage rock was surprisingly good.  Halfway through the first song Erik and I were nudging one another and exchanging approving nods.  Check out their video for "Ledged Up" to get a taste.  Their set was consistently strong and worked the packed house into a good lather.  Gotta love when an opening act kicks ass.  Definitely going to keep an eye on these kids. 

Odonis Odonis were great.  Metz was mindblowing.  This is not overstating it.  It is a fact.  They assaulted the audience with breakneck riffs and thundering drums.  They whipped the crowd into a frenzy the likes of which I haven't seen in ages.  The entire center of the Ballroom was moshing.  Beer and water were being tossed in the air so frequently it looked like the sprinklers were on.  Crowdsurfers and stagedivers were tossed like rag dolls.   

Even with their album in heavy rotation for a while, I underestimated their power.  I'm telling you, these guys were no joke.  Their sound was absolutely gargantuan in the flesh and incited stress releasing mayhem.  The bassist was bleeding profusely by the third song from something tossed on stage that put the show briefly on hold.  He stepped off stage to address it.  Moments later he reemerged and strapped in again with a blood streaked shirt and duct tape holding his nose together.  He and the guys launched into the next song and didn't lose a step.  For a solid hour they pummeled all of those lucky enough to be there.

Metz @ Bowery Ballroom is not a show I will soon forget.  The memory is preserved in the sweet ring of tinnutis I'm sure I'll never shake.  My only regret is not seeing them at this show in my neck of the woods the night before.  If you like, or have ever liked, indulging in music that shakes the walls and irritates the neighbors, do yourself a favor and check out the Metz.  These guys deliver the goods like no one I've heard in years. If, however, you can't handle your liquor without a mixer, move along.  Nothing to hear here.