Murder City Devils @ Webster Hall

February 8, 2014
Seattle's Murder City Devils have been pummeling ears with handfuls of whiskey soaked garage gravel since 1996.  A sold out Webster Hall packed with rabid fans welcomed them to the Big Apple the other night, one of only four shows they'd play during their east coast micro tour. 
MCDs charged hard out of the starting gate and maintained their pace til the finish.  Bodies bounced on outstretched hands, fists pumped in unison, beer thrown in the air landed on a sea of banging heads, the pit churned with blood and sweat, and the cries of the crowd woke the dead singing along with Spencer Moody.  Their albums fail to capture the magic they conjure in the flesh.  Songs like "Broken Glass", "Rum to Whiskey", "No Grave But The Sea" & "18 Wheels" transport you when MCDs rip through them live.  Packed in among their die hard fans, the air crackles with a powerful energy that's infectious.  Their set wrapped up without an encore.  No need for dessert when the feast is so filling.  

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