Yacht @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

August 30, 2013

Yacht is an electro pop outfit from Los Angeles, by way of Portland, Oregon.  Headed by Jona Bechtolt (the group's founder) and Claire Evans, they don't just make music, they have their own belief system.  Curious?  Swing by their site to read up on it and understand the core values that drive what they do.  As far as I'm concerned, most it reads like the clubhouse journaling of an aspiring teenage artist or the moleskin ramblings of a young Bushwick hipster.  Of course, this is the blog of a cynical old man, so whatever.  While their ethos doesn't reel me in, their music does.  The beats are infectious and provide a grooving backdrop for their songs about the afterlife, destiny and utopia.  When I arrived at the Music Hall I wasn't hoping to see the light, just hear the band.

It appears there is a little magic or higher power behind what they do because for two hours the sold out congregation bounced, crowd surfed, sang along & smiled.  Jona and Claire have an undeniably infectious energy in the flesh.  Trading keyboards and the mic throughout their set, they performed the songs with the vim and vigour of Gilad Janklowicz starting his day.  It was a hell of a show from the opening bass line to the final guitar buzz.  I arrived a skeptic & left a believer.  

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