Beck @ the Prospect Park Bandshell

August 4th, 2013

It was an absolutely perfect summer night in Brooklyn when Beck took the stage at Prospect Park's Bandshell.   A cool evening breeze filled with the sweet smell of barbecue and sticky icky smoke.  After a snoozer of an opening set by Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, Beck and the boys turned in a treat of a show for all those lucky enough to have scooped a ticket.  Backed by his band mates from "Sea Change", he served up over an hour and a half of golden goodness that was nothing short of hip spanking good.  Here's the set list courtesy of Setlist.FM:

Beck effortlessly switches genres like a chameleon changes color.  It's what stood out most for me at this show.  His albums each tend to have a common thread that holds the tracks together.  However, each time he drops an album, a different side of him is revealed.  Any fan will tell you he's an artist who can do it all.  Seeing him live provides the strongest evidence of his genius, especially when he's plugged in and pulling songs from all over his catalog, which he was at this special show.  Celebrate Brooklyn deserves a tip of the cap for this booking.  And a big thanks to Beck for choosing Prospect Park to be one of only two places this year to catch him with a full band.  It was truly a highlight of the summer concert schedule in the Big Apple.