Bomba Estereo @ Highline Ballroom

July 24, 2015

I recently calculated that I was home in NYC for a total of 6 days in July & August.  As luck would have it, the band responsible for creating my favorite album of the summer just happened to be playing a show on the only Friday I was in town.  Born in Bogota, Bomba Estereo have been around for a few years, making electro cumbia/tropical dance music that flawlessly fuses their South American roots with hip hop and electropop from around the world.  Their latest release, Amanecer, is a press play & let it ride album.  It was the soundtrack to my sun drenched days and hazy nights.  Seeing them live was just perfection.  Downing cold beer and dancing right in front of the stage surrounded by beautiful Colombian women made for a highlight of my summer.  

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