Low & Mike Doughty @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

June 19th, 2013

Countdown to Low's Performance
I'm not a fan of using my site to blast bands that don't do it for me.  That said, this show, possibly tainted by my fatigue and no background of either act, did absolutely nothing for me.  

Mike Doughty, the founder of Soul Coughing, was the night's opener.  Joined by a buddy on drums, his set reminded me of live music I might expect to hear at a mediocre bar in Orlando.  Not sure if that makes sense to anyone reading this, but basically I found it boring and uninteresting.  After a couple of songs I was upstairs milking a beer, sunk into a leather couch and dicking around on my phone.  Zzzzzzz. 

The headliners, Low, were a huge improvement over Mr. Doughty.  Their moody, expansive set of slow rolling American rock vibrated the ears in a not unpleasant way.  Paired with unique video projections of vintage military exercises, grainy airplane stunts from yesteryear and classic nature films, they held my interest for close to an hour.  However, exhausted from a grueling work week, the slow core vibe made me long for my bed and I left before they were finished.